Devant nous, la route de Manderley

Le ciel, comme taché de sang

Math // you gave me a life I never chose
Université d'Artois - Arras Nord FR (2005 - 2008)
Université de Lille II - Droit et Santé - Lille Nord FR (2008 - 2010)
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alexandre astier, allison cameron, ari haswari, audrey hepburn, boardwalk empire, bob dylan, bones, breakfast at tiffany's, brian/justin, cat power, chyler leigh, community, coupling, dexter, doctor who, friends, game of thrones, house/cameron, house/cameron/wilson, hugh laurie/jennifer morrison, jennifer morrison, joseph morgan, josh/donna, kaamelott, kate todd, kate/ari, kate/gibbs, kate/sawyer, klaus/caroline, lexie grey, lost in translation, mark/lexie, metric, parks and recreation, paul auster, penelope cruz, rudolf martin, sasha alexander, sofia coppola, ten/rose, the borgias, the closer, the hours, the kills, the west wing, wilson/cameron
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Math. 24. girl. french. caffeine addict. reader. TV shows obsessed. music addict
music. jennifer morrison. mark/lexie. doctor who. house/cameron. chyler leigh. paul auster. alfred hitchcock. audrey hepburn. hugh laurie/jennifer morrison. community...

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